Arts and Crafts That Kids Will Definitely Enjoy

If you want to encourage creativity and expression with your kids, exposing them to arts and crafts is a sure fire way to stimulate their imagination.  Here are some neat arts and crafts ideas that kids will definitely enjoy.

Potato Printing

Craft retreat Alexandria MN specialists recommend potato printing as a starter arts and crafts project for kids.  Begin by cutting a potato in half and give one half to each child.  Give the kids a pencil and let them draw a shape or animal on the potato. You can then carve the shape out for the child.  Next step is to give each kid a piece of construction paper. Pour some tempera paint on a paper plate and then let the kids to use the potato cutout like a stamp.  Have the kids switch potatoes so that they have more than one impression on the paper.

Butterfly Arts and Crafts

Begin by laying out some newspapers so as to protect the work area surface.  Provide each child with a coffee filter and some watercolor paints.  Allow the kids to dip their brushes in the water and then in the paint.  Let them paint the coffee filter in any way they please just ensure that the paint is watery enough. Once done, set them out to dry and then teach the kids to crunch up the coffee filter in the center and then with a rubber band to hold it in place. Use a clothespin for the butterfly’s body and glue it to the rubber band.

Sock Friend

Another easy arts and crafts idea that crafting retreats Minnesota experts recommend is sock friend.  Simply go through your laundry and look for some unmatched white socks. Let the kids fill the socks with some rice and then use a rubber band to close off the end so that the rice does not spill off.  Put some paint on a clean paper plate and give each child a paintbrush.   Instruct them to paint the sock like an animal or person by adding eyes, whiskers or hair. Once done, let the socks dry. When ready, allow the kids to play pretend with the sock friend or play a toss game. Set some coffee cans at different distance and see if the kids can throw their sock friend straight into the cans.