Data-Driven Augmentations to Supercharge your Content Marketing Campaign

In the word of online marketing, content will always be king. If you are marketing your brand using content marketing you will need to publish not just high quality content that touches base with your audience you also need to ensure that content goes viral.  Here are some data-driven augmentations to quickly increase the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign.

Set Clear Objectives for your Content

Most business owners if you ask them what they want to achieve from their content marketing campaign, they most likely will answer to achieve more profits for their business. The issue here is that there are only a few examples where a single piece of content will directly lead to an increase in sales for your business.

Internet Marketing Minnesota recommends focusing your energies towards objectives that are just one or two steps behind an actual sale. For example, when creating a blog post the goal would be is to number 1: to increase traffic to your site in order to generate new leads and eventually sales. The 2nd objective would be is to improve customer loyalty, which will eventually lead to repeat customer sales and word-of-mouth recommendations.  Lastly is to touch base with influencers in your industry, which will open up new marketing opportunities thereby automatically increasing the influence and authority of your brand.

Know the right Metrics to Track

According to SEO Minnesota specialists, most folks that become entrepreneurs base their decision on emotion instead of hard data which almost always leads to profit loss, time and money.  However, knowing the right metrics to track takes away the guesswork from major decisions which mean you can make the right ones based on numbers and not just purely on emotion which will lead to lower risk of loss.

5 Metrics to know include the ff:

Investment Metrics – determines how much you are spending on content marketing and the ROI for those activities.

User Metrics – this shows how many page views you are getting as well as how many downloads, likes your content is generating.

Sharing Metrics – this shows how many times and what channels your content is being shared.

Lead Metrics – shows how many leads your content has generated via email opt-ins or from social media subscribers.

Sales Metrics —  the most essential of the metrics as it tells you how many leads that you generate from the content end up becoming paying customers.

Use the right tools as well as develop a system in order to track these metrics so you can easily see what is working and what is not so you can easily integrate changes.