Creative Lettering for Your Scrapbook

One of the ways by which you can jazz up your scrapbook page is through creative lettering  This will give your scrapbook the additional oomph necessary to make it stand out from the crowd.  According to scrapbooking retreats Minnesota specialists, creative lettering styles bring purpose and focus along with style and design to the page.  Here are some tips on creative lettering for your scrapbook.

Graphic Lettering and Fonts

For folks that want a more modern and urban feel to their project, there is a huge availability of lettering, fonts and writing samples that use graphics such as curlicues, stars and hearts embedded into the lettering itself.  Doodle-style and graffiti style lettering is just a couple of examples that are quite popular these days. The great thing about this approach is that you do not need any sophisticated equipment to do it. Simply compose a sentiment or title and then add the graphics to it. This type of lettering is best for scrapbooks that feature a contemporary feel.  Also, creative lettering is an excellent way to put style and interest to your scrapbook page.

Handwriting Fonts

According to craft retreat Alexandria MN providers, a new approach popular in graphic and scrapbook design is using actual handwriting as a type of font. The use of a handwritten font conveys a casual and fun appearance to your scrapbook.

Mixed Medium Lettering

One type of lettering is simple and can do the job quite quickly but can be boring and too simple. If you want your scrapbook page to standout from the rest try designing your projects using an eclectic mix of lettering styles so that you can focus on the most important aspects while not sacrificing detail and variety doing so.  For example, combine a fluid lettering style with a masculine tone. In this way, you get instant contrast immediately.  This can immediately catch anyone’s attention and can convey your message effectively.