How to use Camping Food Properly

Apart from shelter, food is the most important requirement when you are out and about in the great outdoors. One cannot be considered camping if one does not have camping meals to enjoy.  Cooking using an open flame provides that rustic outdoor feel and hearkens us back to a much more simpler time.   Here is some camping food advice to bring the best out of your meals outdoors.

Plan a Camping Menu

Most folks just grab whatever is in the shelf or the ref and some jerky until they realize that they want something else when they reach the campgrounds.  Plan a healthy camping menu that provides high energy for the many outdoor activities you plan during your trip. If you want a quick and savory option use dehydrated camping meals that you need to just put in hot water to cook and you’re done.

Choose the Right Cookware

Cast iron is your best friend and therefore you need to learn to use, care for and use it properly. Cast iron is very durable and versatile and offers the best cooking surface for outdoor camping.  When it comes to cooking utensils, less is more. Look for ones that have multi-functionality. Leave the non-stick pans at home because if you use them over a campfire they do tend to release toxic chemicals. Campfires tend to become real hot so keep your distance and be sure to wear protective gloves when you are moving pans around.

Cook Using Coals

When starting a fire, begin one on one side of the fire pit and then slowly add some wood on the open side. This will allow the fire to be moved from one side of the fire pit to the other creating an excellent bed of coals to cook on.

Use Block Ice

If you have to choose, use block ice rather than simple ice cubes. If you are camping for the weekend, load the cooler with at least one block ice, stack food and drinks and the remaining space with ice cubes.  Drain the water only if the water no longer keeps the food cold.