How to Avoid the Most Common LinkedIn Mistakes

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a very powerful business networking tool that allows user to connect with other professionals in order to establish contacts and potential customers.  With over 414 million users in over 200 countries around the world, this career-oriented social network is indeed a big influencer to help business owners touch base with authorities in their respective industry. If you want to increase the authority of your site, you will need the endorsement of people that are known to be the best in what they do, connecting with them via LinkedIn is a good way to expand your network and thereby increase your online presence.

Avoiding Personalized Messages

Sure you are probably sending a ton of connection requests everyday but that does not mean that your request should sound robotic and part of a mass email effort.  According to Internet Marketing Minnesota experts, bulk template like messages show that you have done absolutely no effort or research to connect with the person you want to establish contact with.  A personalized message while takes more time to write is not only more credible but also shows a genuine effort on your part to connect.

Connecting for the Sake of Getting More Connections

Some businesses in an effort to expand their reach and network in the industry are in a hurry to reach that 500+ mark without determining the legitimacy and importance of those connections to their business. It all boils down to quality, not quantity.  The more people in your network that you do not know means the more time you have to spend scrolling to determine whether or not you have created the right connection or not.

Ignoring Network Activity

According to SEO Minnesota specialists, LinkedIn is really more “network” rather than “social” to most if its users. Do not simply use it when you are actively looking to get more connections for your business, use it also to engage with those connections, as this will establish goodwill. People are more open to providing referrals if they have interacted with that person or seen some activity of that person in their network. It does not take too much time to click the “like” button or offer a congratulatory message.