Quilting Facts

For most people, quilting is something that grandma did a long time ago. The art of quilting is thank goodness still alive and kicking today because crafters love to sew quilts that can be used for personally as a blanket or as gifts for special occasions.  Here are some cool quilting facts to ponder.

What is a Quilt?

According to quilting retreats specialists, a quilt is a blanket or cover that is made through stitching different types of fabrics together using a collection of patterns for the top and then connecting it to a layer of batting or cushioning. The two are then connected to the bottom fabric layer. When the three layers are melded as one fabric, a quilt is made.  Quilting first became popular during the 18th century when colonial women sat around a warm fire and made quilts for their husbands and kids.  However, it became really popular in the 1800s when more fabrics became available to work with.


Quilting is popular not just in America but also in a number of different cultures as well.  There is a plethora of patterns that range from detailed double-wedding ring patterns to pattern that tell a narrative or story.

Time to Finish

The time to finish a quilt will depend on how large the quilt, the degree of detail on the patterns and how many people are working on it at one time. In the US, there are popular “quilting bee “groups of women that band together and work on different sections of the quilt so it can be done quite fast.

Hand or Machine

It really does not matter if you use a machine or do it by hand as both have their unique characteristics that make them special. If you are a sucker for detail then go hand made. If you want swiftness, a machine will do the trick for you.

Quilt Care

According to quilting retreats Alexandria Minnesota specialists, caring for a quilt will depend largely on the age as well as the materials used. For example, newer quilts can go through a machine wash using a delicate cycle and some mild soap. Vintage quilts made from satin, or silk will need to be cleaned by a professional.