Quilting for Beginners

One of the most popular pastimes in America, quilting is the art and craft of layering and sewing three pieces of materials to form a blanket.  The quilt top for instance can be sourced from different fabrics but it can also be a single fabric piece as well.  According to quilting retreats Central MN specialists, the top stitching and layering of the materials are what makes a quilt a quilt.  Here are some of the basics for beginner quilters.

Fabric Selection

Everything begins with selecting the right fabric for your quilts.  Select from a range of fabrics such as silk, velvet, cotton and even denim for that matter.  According to quilting retreat Brainerd MN specialists, you need to maintain the same thickness for each type of fabric you have chosen as uneven fabrics will look odd. If you use cotton be sure it is 100% as it is the one that is easiest to work with and can be run through the washer and dryer without any issues. Aside from cotton, plain muslin is also a very good choice for beginners.

Cutting and Seaming

There are a number of quilt top designs that can be produced from cutting different types of fabrics and then seaming them together in order to form a pattern.  For instance, art quilts are done using an abstract or pictorial approach.  If you are going for the art quilt, the traditional designs are not the ones that are necessarily used however the steps remain the same.  To do so, seam the quilt using a ¼ inch seam.  Keep in mind that in quilting, the seams are pressed downward or to one side.  If you are having difficulty trying to select which way to press your seams, look for the darkest fabric and then press in that direction.  This is important so as to minimize the number of seams that are seen through the outside.

Machine or Hand Quilting

If you want convenience and fast results use machine quilting as it is done entirely with the sewing machine. Hand quilting on the other hand is perfect for people that want tiny details to be seen on their quilts.  Moreover, a lot of quilters enjoy the process of quilting as much as they enjoy seeing the end result and would not trade hand quilting for a machine made one. Whatever the choice, the important thing is you have a blast doing it.