Scrapbook Suggestions for a 40th Birthday Theme

The big 4-0 is a milestone in one’s life. You can celebrate a loved one’s 40th birthday with a scrapbook in order to commemorate this important milestone in their life.  You can create layouts using photo-safe paper and then add accents and adhesives. Finally, store all that hard work in an archival-safe album so that it would not fade or fall apart over time.  Here are some scrapbook suggestions for a 40th birthday theme.

40 Reasons to Celebrate the Milestone

Scrapbooking retreat MN experts recommend that you create a 40-page scrapbook album with individual layouts dedicated to a reason that makes the birthday a special one to remember. For example, create a page that shows images and text about the celebrant’s favorite hobbies, professional and personal milestones, challenges and hobbies.  Make sure to leave space for the last 10 pages so the celebrant can include reasons that have been overlooked.

Style File Expert

Scrapbooking retreats Brainerd Minnesota recommend a whimsical look back in the past of the celebrant in the last 40 years. Include images of funny childhood haircuts and embarrassing outfits worn in school.  Create a timeline that follows her hairstyle, clothing and accessory preferences from then until the present and determine if any, how much has changed.  A good dimensional touch would be to find fabric swatches that match the looks in the images.  You can also use old fashion magazine images that portray the original celeb fashion trends she wore in the pictures.


A 40th birthday scrapbook would not be complete if it did not feature the accomplishments of the celebrant through the years.  Create layouts that feature professional and personal accomplishments in the last 40 years. Place special emphasis on any awards by featuring photos of trophies or making copies of diplomas or news clippings.  Ask co-workers and friends to donate pictures or have them write funny anecdotes.

Birthday Wishes

Finish the scrapbook with birthday wishes from family members, colleagues and friends. Instruct contributors to provide funny, silly or motivational messages to add spice to the scrapbook.