Top Online Marketing Trends to Drive your Sales

The ever-evolving nature of the Internet has spawned new and innovative ways for Internet entrepreneurs to develop new methods for getting more profit in the online marketplace. Search engine optimization will of course continue to be relevant and produce amazing results but these new trends cannot be ignored. If you are interested in improving your online presence and sales, here is some top online marketing trends to help drive your sales.


According to Internet Marketing Minnesota experts, influencer marketing can offer the highest return if combined with other forms of online marketing. How many new brands and products have tied up with the likes of highly sought after social influencers like the Kardashians? Of course this is possible if they can pay six-figures to get the nod. This is the reason why micro-influencers are becoming the better alternative and the good news is it works.

Look for micro-influencers that have smaller followings and also align with the needs of your brand or product and you will achieve excellent results. Not only are they more affordable than big name superstars, the type of engagement they provide is quite genuine and reliable.

Live Video

Last year, major players like Facebook and Instagram began adapting streaming as a way of connecting better to your followers. Facebook Live and Instagram Live Video for instance allow you to reach your target audience in a way that is quite personal and cost-effective.

Paid up Social Media

According to SEO Minnesota specialists, the organic means of reaching followers back in the early days of social media is long gone. This is no surprise, as advertising revenue make up the major portion of profits collected by social media titan Facebook.  Simply put, if you want to reach the millions of people on social media, get ready to pay for it.  Begin small and learn first the ins and outs of paid social media promotion. Facebook ads are a cost-effective means of delivering amazing reach without necessarily breaking the bank.

Chat Bots

More and more brands are looking into the amazing potential of machine learning. Facebookfor instance is leading the pack with roll-out of news feed ads that open immediately into Messenger chats. Google also has a smart messaging app that features an integrated AI.  Using this method allows you to go from mass targeting to one-to-one interactions.  Better interaction with site visitors equals greater possibility of being converted to a paying customer.