Water – The Ultimate Camping Essential

If there is anything that you need to have without fail when camping out it is without a doubt, water.  Not only do you quench your thirst with it, you will need it to cook your hiking meals  If you want to enjoy camping stress free hydration is a key factor.  Water is essential to life. Here are some tips on how to use, store and conserve water while on a camping trip.


Gallon jugs are the best choice. It is easy to use and convenient for campers to grab some water on their way to a hike.  You can also use a 2-gallon container with spout. They are quite useful in camping trips for filling up just about anything.  For campers, hydration bladders are perfect as they provide amazing versatility for campers that plan to be on the trail and in camp by nightfall.  Water bags are also a good alternative as they can fit into almost any pack, left on a picnic table or from a tree branch. They are also cheap and most can withstand different weather and environmental conditions.


Your water needs to be safe to drink when out camping. There are a number of ways that you can ensure that the water you drink is safe. Ultraviolet sterilizers, water treatment drops, squeeze filters and even gravity flow filters are available depending on scenario.

Managing Water

When in camp, establish several watering stations. It is quite convenient to have a tap water in a central location for washing up and it also needs to be close enough for cooking your dehydrated backpacking food There also needs to be another station for refilling drinking water.  When your trip is winding down you could chip away at the block ice to cool drinks in bottles as well as in your hydration bladder. Do always pack water enhancers when you are out camping. They contain essential electrolytes to help stave of dehydration and keep your energies up.